Häfele App Lock PP9000 [App-Controlled]

Cat. No: 912.05.691
Warranty: 2 years
Mode of entry: [App-Controlled] Bluetooth Key, Fingerprint, Smart Card, Password and Mechanical Key
Random Security Coding Function
Auto Locking Function
Mischief and Hacking Prevention System
Double Locking Function
Safety Design Against Fire
Smart Home Integration with Z-Wave Module
Double Verification Function By Combine 2 In 3 Access Ways (Fingerprint / Password / Key Tag)
Password Exposure-Proof Function By Using Fake Pin Code
Built-In Privacy Mode From Indoor
More Safety with Away Mode
Automatic and Manual Locking Mode Are Changeable
Freezing In 5 Minutes After The Wrong Code Entry Limit 10 Times
Silence Mode Can Be Activated When Needed
Battery operated: 8AA Alkaline
Emergency operated: 5V Power Bank via Micro USB Port
Size: Front - 69 (W) x 390 (H) x 60 (D)mm
Back - 78 (W) x 390 (H) x 70 (D)mm
Door thickness: 35 - 60mm
Supplied with: 1 Front and Rear Module
1 Motise Lock and Striking Plate (Left & Right)
1 Set of Fixing Material
1 User Manual
1 Installation Template
8 pcs AA Alkaline Battery
2 pcs Smart Card
2 pcs Smart Key Tag
2 pcs Mechanical Key

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