Häfele Granite Sink 114cm Double-Bowl Work Station

Cat. No: 570.35.340
Warranty: 5 years
Made in Europe
Material: Granite
Color: Black
Performances: Anti-Bacterial
Heat Resistance
Shock Resistance
Chemical Resistance
Scratch Resistance
Easy to Clean
Technical information: Overall Dimensions: 1140L X 460W mm
Bowls Dimensions: 133L x 384W mm / 509L x 384W mm
Bowl Depth: 140 mm / 230 mm
Thickness: 1.2 mm
Cut-Out Dimensions:
- Top-mount: 1120L x 440W mm
- Under-mount: 1080L x 400W mm
Packing: Full Set with Siphon & Accessories (Wooden Chopping, Steel Colander, Steel Basket, Steel Tray)
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