Häfele Digital Lock EL9500

Cat. No: 912.05.315
Warranty: 2 years
Mode of entry: Pin, Smart Card, Fingerprint and Mechanical key
Push and pull door function: it can vary according to the direction of opening
2-way lock body: convenient for installation adjustable in left / right direction.
Mischief and hacking prevention system
Automatic / manual lock setting function
Auto-lock function: If the user does not lock the door after unlocking, the lock will be locked automatically for higher security.
Dual lock function: When the dual lock function is activated, the door cannot be opened from the outside, even with a registered card, password or fingerprint (only by means of the key).
Low battery warning function
Battery operated: 4AA Alkaline
Emergency operation: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
Remote control: Optional
Size: Front- 88 (W) x 396 (H) x 40 (D)mm
Back- 83.7 (W) x 373 (H) x 38.7 (D)mm
Door thickness: 40 - 90mm
Supplied with: 1 Front and rear module
1 Striking plate
1 Set of fixing material
1 User manual
1 Installation template
8 pcs AA Alkaline batteries
4 Smart Cards
3 Mechanical keys

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