RM3,498.00 RM2,999.00
Cat. No: 541.32.020
Internal cabinet width/ door width (mm): min. 960/ door 600/ A = 561 - 568
Internal cabinet height (mm): 600 - 750
Number of tray: 2
Swinging curves: fluid, emotional, harmonious action
Kinematics with 4 pivot points: minimal force required for silky smooth movements
All stored contents swing out in front of the unit
Easy height changes: the unit adapts to the content
Trays move independently
Fully functional at 85° door opening angle: Flexible planning option; No risk of handles colliding
Set components complete with mounting and drilling template, including selft-closing damping system
Packing: 1 set

User Guide


Warranty: 2 years
Mode of entry: Smart Card, Password and Fingerprint
Random Security Coding Function
Auto Locking Function
Mischief and Hacking Prevention System
Double Locking Function
Password Exposure-Proof Function
Adjustable Volume Level
Integrated with Fire Sensor
Built-In Electric Shock Prevention Circuits of High-Voltage
Battery operated: 4AA Alkaline
Emergency operated: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
Size: Front - 70.5 (W) x 164.25 (H) x 27.4 (D)mm
Back - 96 (W) x 163 (H) x 46 (D)mm
Door thickness: 40 - 50mm
Supplied with: 1 Front and Rear Module
1 Set of Fixing Material
1 User Manual
1 Installation Template
4 pcs AA Alkaline Battery
2 pcs Smart Card
2 pcs Smart Key Tag
2 pcs Smart Sticker
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