Hafele Digital Lock EL9500
Hafele Digital Lock EL9000
Hafele Digital Glass Lock ER4400
Hafele Digital Lock EL7200
Built In Oven 500 HO-K60B
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Built In Oven 500 HO-KTC60C
Häfele Built In Oven 500 HO-KT60E — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Built In Combi Microwave And Grill HM-B38C
Hafele Granite Sink HS-G11650
Hafele Sink HS-S8647
Hafele Sink HS-S8251
Hafele Sink HS-S8247
Carrier — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Cleaning Agent — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Cleaning Agent
Comfort II
Comfort II
From RM1,319.00
Convoy Lavido — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Convoy Lavido
From RM6,403.00
Glass Divider for Glass Drawer Set — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Glass Drawer — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Glass Drawer
From RM489.00
Jewellery Tray — HäfeleHome Malaysia
Jewellery Tray
From RM565.00
LED Rotating Mirror — HäfeleHome Malaysia
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