Häfele Smart Lock DL7600

Cat. No: 912.20.234


Warranty: 2 years
Mode of entry: [App-Controlled] Bluetooth Key, Fingerprint, Smart Card, Pin and Mechanical Key
Register Up To 100 Fingerprint
Register up to 100 Smart Card
Register up to 10 Password
1 Master Password
Manage by Hafele Smart Lock App
Double Verification Function By Combine 2 in 3 Access Ways (Fingerprint/ Password/ Smart Key Tag)
Password Exposure-Proof Function By Using Fake Pin Code
Built-In Privacy Mode From Indoor
More Safety with Away Mode
Automatic and Manual Locking Mode Are Changeable
Freezing in 5 Minutes After the Wrong Code Entry Limit 10 Times
Voice Guide (English/ Chinese)
Low Battery Alarm Function
Silence Mode Can Be Activated When Needed
Battery operated: 8AA Alkaline
Emergency operation: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
Size: Front - 76 (W) x 341 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Back - 80 (W) x 359 (H) x 27 (D) mm
Door thickness: 35 - 60mm
Supplied with:

1 Front and Rear Module

1 Mortise Lock & Striking Plate (Left & Right)

1 Set of Fixing Material

1 User Manual

1 Installation Template

8-pc of AA Alkaline Battery

2-pc Smart Card

2-pc Smart Key Tag

2-pc Mechanical Key

  1. Manage by Hafele Smart Lock App
  2. Register up to 100 smart card
  3. Register up to 10 password and 1 master password
  4. Register up to 100 fingerprint
  5. Double verification by combine 2 in 3 access ways (Fingerprint / password / smart card)
  6. Password exposure-proof by using fake pin code
  7. Automatic and manual locking mode inter-changeable
  8. Defense locking mode
  9. Voice guide
  10. Low battery alarm function
  11. Silence mode can be activated when needed
  12. Privacy locking mode
  13. Freeze function [Freezing in 2-min after 5-access attempted]