HAFELE Aluminum Pot and Pan Set 10 Pieces

Cat. No: 495.34.304


  • Material: Good quality coated aluminum / Handle is synthetic plastic
  • consist

- Pot with small handle measuring 16x7.5 cm with lid

- Small casserole measuring18x 8.5 cm with lid

- Large casserole measuring 24x8.5 cm with lid

- 20x4.5 cm flat bottom pan without lid

- Deep frying pan size 24x8 cm. without lid

- The pot has a large handle, size 26 x6.5 cm, with a lid.

  • Suitable for cooking with gas stoves, electric stoves, plate burners and induction cooktops.
  • Suitable for preparing healthy food.
  • It can be cooked with little water and fried with little oil to help reduce the loss of vitamins, minerals and flavor.
  • heats food quickly and heats it for a long time;
  • The container has a rim, making it easy to pour food. No spills.
  • Easy to clean.